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Charleston Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle Newborn Session Rate: $465

​Special Request Retouching: $15/image

What to expect:

There's just something about newborn sessions ... something about lifestyle newborn sessions that snag our heartstrings here at CLP. Nothing in this world is like capturing a mother bonding with her new baby or seeing a father gaze down at a squishy, smaller version of himself. It's cathartic and we love it!

Here at CLP, we want to capture the raw emotion of your family so we offer Lifestyle Newborn Sessions at your home.


Our attention is focused on the feelings that you and your baby are going through, the way your baby will grab momma or daddy's fingers and they way they wiggle their chubby little toes. Your pictures perfectly depict this time in your lives. Our newborn sessions are intended to showcase the bonding with your new baby in your natural environment. We will pose your newborn naturally because we believe that to many props and poses are an unnatural depitcion of your baby during this time in his or her life... instead of all of those poses and props, let's capture something real!

There are several benefits to a lifestyle session: 

  • Comfort of home: You are adjusting, your baby is adjusting and it's challenging. Being in your own home helps you avoid extra stress by being in your own environment where you and your baby is most relaxed and comfortable. 

  • Real life: My absolute favorite images evoke emotion. Capturing you bonding in your own home and creating images that showcase a time where you felt love and happiness is real. 

  • Flexible schedule: A newborn session generally takes place within the first 2 weeks of birth. Because this session is lifestyle, we can have a bit more wiggle room and document this special time even 3 or 4 weeks out if necessary.

What to expect:

  • How long? The session takes 1-2 hours, so there is plenty of time to take a break to nurse or change a diaper.

  • What kind of photos? We will capture your newborn's newness, the peach fuzz, the squishy folds, the sleepy face and yes, the even cute little cries! We will take a mixture of posed and candid photos of your family. Yes, this means may include siblings! 

  • What happens first? Expect that your baby will determine the flow of the session. There is no routine schedule or plan for a session like this. We are at the mercy of your new baby's needs and will work around them and even use them to create special memories.

  • How do I prepare? There are many things you can do to prepare for your session. When you book, we will send you a list of tips.

  • Will you remove my baby's imperfections? All babies have teeny blemishes, flaky skin and skin tone imperfections. They're brand new and so is their skin. If this bothers you, we can add retouching to your session package and provide retouching to your baby's skin to if you wish. 

To appropriately capture your baby at this stage of life, any newborn session should be scheduled in advance based on your due date. Your appointment will be considered tentative/floating and will be finalized once the baby arrives. These sessions typically last 1-2 hours to allow plenty of time for feeding, changing & to capture those sweet, sleepy pictures. 

Your pricing investment covers the cost of the photographers time, editing and artistic talent as well as 20 digital images available for immediate download via a password protected online viewing gallery and a print release. 

Please note that we do not capture the "studio posed" type of photos. This is not our style. If you desire a "studio posed" type of image, we are not the right fit for you.

Charleston Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48

Want something even more real? Schedule a Fresh 48!

This session takes place within 48 hours of your baby's birth, usually in your hospital room or at the birthing center. You may include family members in your photographs or any items special to you and your newborn. This is a lifestyle portrait session, so the photographer will be capturing those moments as they happen in addition to hospital bracelets, the nursery, fresh new baby skin and most importantly your emotion. Minimal retouching is done to your baby's skin to preserve the raw integrity of each moment we are capturing. Every picture captured is true, raw and real! 

Fresh 48 Session Rate: $415

Special Request Retouching: $15/image

Savannah Newborn Photographer
Savannah Newborn Photographer
Charleston Birth Photographer

Document the BIRTH of your child

You can remember every moment, just as it happened.


Raw, perfect, unfiltered

Hire us for birth coverage.

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