Krista Wargo

Owner - Photo Editor - Photographer

  • I'm a mom of 5 boys... for real.

  • I'm sarcastic... a lot.

  • I drink sweet tea way too much... like, every single day.  

  • I'm a novelist. 

  • I always cry at weddings... seriously. Book me and you'll see.

  • Acrylic painting is one of my favorite hobbies. 

  • I'm admittedly a little overambitious. 

  • My car is my concert hall. 

  • My mother is my best friend.

  • I'd rather wear sneakers than heels.

Photographer - Graphic Artist

  • I've traveled to 28 of the 50 states. 

  • Go Gamecocks #forevertothee

  • My graphic art has been used by Apple®

  • In addition to CLP, I'm a high school Digital Art & Design  teacher & coach sports. 

  • I hate folding laundry & doing dishes

  • I Iove to sketch, paint, read, write, any form of art speaks to me. 7. Once a year I religiously read The Giver & watch Instinct.

  • I love a good work out but I also love to cook & bake.

  • I have three furrbabies. 

  •  I'm passionate & compassionate about every aspect of life.

Photographer - Videographer

  • I’m bilingual (Spanish and English)

  • I’m Mexican American and I’m proud. 

  • I’m very social. 

  • I like to think I’m hilarious, I’ll always have a smile on my face. 

  • You can make me laugh by doing the simplest thing. 

  • I love heights, hiking, running and road trips if it’s adventurous, I’m down. 

  • I enjoy cleaning and doing chores. 

  • My favorite season is winter, I’m the type of girl who picks cold over hot any day. 

  • My idea of a perfect day is cuddling in bed with my dog, watching Grey’s anatomy. 

  • I legit take my camera everywhere I go. I rather have it and not need it, then need it  and not have it. 

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