Photoshop is an amazing program ... seriously! It can transform images in ways you can hardly imagine! The only problem is that it's COMPLICATED AS HELL! It can be confusing and overwhelming, so we've created some tools to help you out!

Our action sets and brushes will not only speed up your workflow, but it will make you feel confident about your editing skills. 

THESE ARE OUR MOST Popular Actions



This action give you a sweeeeet blur brush! Seriously, y'all! It's amazing!

Photos with a busy background can make the image distracting and your subject can become lost. This action creates a blur tool that gives you complete control over the your desired depth of field!

So, the next time you're forced to shoot with a high aperture, don't worry! We got you!



This action set gives you a little bit of everything. Some actions create moody, deep-toned images with a matte finish and others create an airy, pastel finish


With both cool and warm tones, you can use this set on everything from families, to weddings to newborns. These work best for those with a lifestyle, candid perspective. All images tell a story and these actions say it all!

 As with all of our actions, these work best on images taken in open shade or during golden hour.

 Creative Colors 

    Portrait actions

This action set will be your go-to portrait set! These actions give you a crisp, clean foundation to stack color layers and tones on.

The actions in this set offer both rich colors and subtle hues, so you have a little bit of everything you need.

 As with all of our actions, these work best on images taken in open shade or during golden hour.

Check out the rest of our actions and brushes


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