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Lightroom presets

All of our presets can be used to edit photos no matter what your level of Lightroom proficiency is. Stand out from your competition and pick one that works for you now!


 bold &


This is our most popular set and for good reason. This set is our most versatile as it can be used for both outdoor and indoor images. 

These presets are rich in color, feature warm undertones, deep blacks and golden hues. They also offer bold greyscale palettes with moody low shadows. 

While these can be used for indoor images, they work best for images taken at golden hour and with even light.

 lightas a


This set is great for newborns or even boudoir! These presets soften skin and add a touch of warmth while reducing reds. They create a dreamy finish with lifted shadows and creamy tones. 

Included in this set are those light and airy tones that are trending right now, creating a clean, crisp finish. 

As with all of our presets, these work best on evenly lit images.

Who doesn't love golden hour? This set is perfect for creating that moody golden hour look, even without a setting sun. These presets work great when the light is muted due to an overcast sky, creating hues of amber and warm undertones.


They also work great with golden hour is picture perfect, adding just a bitt of a matte finish and softness. 

As with all of our presets, these work best on evenly lit images.



    for sun






This set is all about emotion. Each one of these presets create moody, deep-toned images with a matte finish. With both cool and warm tones, you can use this set on everything from families, to weddings to newborns. These work best for those with a lifestyle, candid perspective. All images tell a story and these presets say it all!