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Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  • Purchasing Gift Cards. CLP offers gift cards that can be purchased and redeemed through CLP only. You must have an account with CLP redeem Gift Cards, but not to purchase. Anyone may purchase a gift card via our website but an account must be created by the recipient redeem. Purchasing or redeeming Gift Cards constitutes acceptance of the CLP Terms and Conditions. Unless expressly stated otherwise, Gift Cards will be provided by CLP in electronic form only and always accessible via your Client Portal. 

  • Redeeming Gift Cards. Gift Cards may only be redeemed through CLP only. Every purchase made with a Gift Card (plus any applicable fees and taxes) is deducted from the Gift Card balance and any unused Gift Card balance will remain on the Gift Card account. Gift Card balances will be used against the total invoice amount and not against specific items on the invoice. If any purchase exceeds the Gift Card account, the balance must be paid with a credit card or any other payment method accepted.

  • The balance of a Gift Card can be reviewed by the purchaser or holder of the Gift Card by entering the respective Gift Card code here: Check Card Balance or via your Client Portal here: Client Portal

  • Restrictions. Balances on multiple Gift Cards cannot be combined into a combined balance on one or more new Gift Cards and Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged. Gift Cards may not be transferred for value or resold unless permission is given by CLP. Except to the extent required by applicable law, Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or checks and Gift Card balances cannot be transferred to credit card accounts or accounts of other means of payment. If applicable law requires CLP to redeem Gift Cards for cash, check, or other means of payment, CLP reserves the right to select any of the foregoing at its discretion. CLP reserves the right to reject the redemption of Gift Cards and request alternative forms of payment, terminate the respective Account, and take legal actions, if CLP reasonably believes that Gift Cards are abused or used or obtained fraudulently. 

  • Risk of Loss. The title and risk of loss for Gift Cards passes upon electronic transmission of the Gift Card by CLP to the purchaser of the Gift Card. CLP has no obligation to replace lost or stolen Gift Cards, but you can report lost or stolen Gift Cards by contacting Customer Support.

  • No expiration date or fees. Gift Cards have no expiration date and CLP charges no fee in connection with the purchase (except for the selected purchase price of the Gift Card) or redemption of Gift Cards.


  • Coupons and Discounts. Deals, coupons and discounts are not redeemable for events such as weddings and parties. CLP offers promotions (i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Flash Sales, etc) throughout the year. These deals are for portrait services and digital file purchases only. 

  • Lab Products. Gift Cards may not be used for lab products. Gift Cards are not able to be applied to any lab products (albums, prints, cards, canvases, etc.) because lab products do not come from CLP. We host the lab service as a courtesy but are not affiliated in any way and have no control over orders, pricing, coupons, etc. 

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